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Pat Twigg is an International Psychic Medium, Public Speaker and Presenter.

Pat first became aware of her ability to communicate with spirit following a serious road traffic accident in July 1975, during which she encountered a near death experience, and was revived through medical intervention. During that experience, Pat remembered watching the tragic scene as if outside of her body, but feeling totally safe, free from pain & discomfort with an overwhelming sense of love and peace.

A few months after extensive treatment to correct the physical damage caused by the accident, Pat encountered yet another road accident the same year. She remembers very little of her life prior to the first accident but still remembers vividly the vibrant colours and the feeling of absolute peace which she now knows to be the spirit world.

These experiences caused Pat to question her life and her purpose, but she didn't find her spiritual pathway until the tragic passing of her younger sister, Emma. With Emma's company, Pat was enjoying an evening at the gymnasium. Emma said to Pat, "You stay and do some swimming and I'll catch up with you later." Shortly after, Pat heard a voice which told her that she would not see Emma again. Putting this down to pure nonsense and an overactive imagination, Pat ignored the voice and continued with her swimming. An hour later, Pat arrived home only to be told by her daughter that she should go to Emma's home immediately, by which time she was too late. Emma had passed away; young, fit & healthy at the age of 33.

The same year, with many questions about her life, Pat found herself visiting a local Spiritualist Church which she soon became very involved with and had found her path. Sitting in spiritual development circles for over 14 years, Pat developed a profound and unique connection with the spirit world which she soon began sharing with clients on a one to one basis, on platform in spiritualist churches and even within her immediate community and wider public.

With over twenty years experience working with her abilities, Pat is widely recognised throughout the spiritual community and now travels nationally throughout the UK, performing in theatres and other venues. Pat regularly appears on Television, on Psychic Today which is the UK's favourite Live & Interactive Psychic Show which has been broadcasting for over thirteen years. She has also appeared on various radio stations and in published magazines to include Soul & Spirit, Take a Break's Fate & Fortune and Spiritualism's Independent Monthly magazine, 'Two Worlds.' Pat has raised money for a number of local and national charities through her work and continues to do so.

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