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Private Readings

"I hope to be able to provide you with a meaningful session, that will be tailored to your preference. Over the years, I have seen many clients from all walks of life and many different professional backgrounds, all of which have been seeking answers to the many questions in their lives and the sufficient evidence of their loved ones existence in spirit following their death. Please take a moment to read the following information which will outline how I may be able to help you."

Best Wishes

Psychic Readings

A Psychic reading can cover all aspects of your life, to provide guidance on matters such as Relationships to Jobs & Careers etc. Pat can look into your past and present life situations, in order to help you to move forwards in a positive direction, from an objective perspective with no judgement.

Mediumistic Readings

A Mediumistic reading is for those client wanting to connect with loved ones who have passed. Pat will invite those in the spirit world, relating to client, to draw close and communicate. During a mediumistic session, Pat will aim to provide with as much as evidence from your loved ones in spirit, that will hopefully provide you with personal proof of their continual existence, of which you may take comfort from. Some clients wish to bring a photograph of a loved one passed, or personal item such as a piece of jewellery belonging to them which can sometimes act as a further link. Pat cannot guarantee to connect with any/or specific loved ones that have passed, as the process of mediumship is experimental. (Please refer to the Disclaimer which is available at the bottom of the welcome page)

15-Minute Rule

Pat works with a fifteen minute rule, which means that if herself or the client/s feel unhappy about the way in which session is going or that it may not be appropriate for them, then both Pat and/or the client reserve the right to terminate the session.

(Please refer to my Disclaimer before booking, which can be found on the welcome page of this website)

Sessions Available

One to One Readings

One to One readings are conducted from Pat's home in Southampton.

Pat will normally use tarot cards as a part of her session. Sessions are approximately 40 to 60 minutes. This can vary between clients and the type of session being provided. The charge for a one to one session is £60 per session.

Group Readings

Group readings are for those who wish to share a session with friends or relatives.

Group sessions will be provided for a maximum of three individuals at Pat's home at a charge of £30 per person, and up ten individuals if held at a clients home or other venue at. Depending on location, travel expenses may incur.

To make a Booking or Enquiry,

please visit the 'Contact Pat'

section of this website.

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